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 Gold Coast Network, Inc.  
• Gold Coast Network listens to your goals, and creates a web presence that will help you accomplish your online objectives.

• Gold Coast Network provides all aspects of website design including HTML coding, web graphics design, illustration, and photo retouching.

• Gold Coast Network. When you're ready to re-design, re-launch and re-invigorate your online presence, come to us

• Commerce on the Internet involves more than just creating a website page and post it on the Internet. It will never be seen if it is not marketed properly. Gold Coast Network not only create a look that best represents your image, but also market your product, so you get results from your investment. Making you successful is our goal.

• Each interactive design project Gold Coast Network undertakes is unique and fully customized for the client. The total cost of a project depends, therefore, on the size and complexity of the job.

• Every project is unique. Gold Coast Network bring fresh ideas and custom executions to the table, not "off-the-shelf" solutions. We take the time to listen, research and understand the specific problems you are trying to solve, so the solutions are fresh and distinctive.

• If you saw our advertisements, and would like to make an order, please feel free to contact us by phone, or use Feedback and request more information.


 Web Services
 • Base package $699.99
Website Design up to 10 pages
One year hosting
One domain name
Up to 10 email addresses

 • Advanced package $999.99
Website Design up to 20 pages
One year hosting
One domain name
Up to 10 email addresses

 • Web Shop with Shopping Cart starts from $1500.00

 • Editable Content

add $350.00

Edit any page on your website anytime and as many times as you want right from your browser! Add text, delete it, put more  pictures or less – it’s up to you! Its Total control.
 • News System

add $200.00

Add news to your home page and change them yourself! Short story will be placed on first page, full story can be viewable plus comments can be placed by any visitor.
 • Guest Book

add $100.00

 Add possibility for your customers to add they wishes and comments.
 • Logo design

add $150.00

Let us create a unique Logo for you
 • Photographer Help

add $300.00

New pictures for your Website. 100 pictures. Chicago area only.
 • Standard Website promotion

add $300.00 a year

Google, MSN + Submission over 3 million free search engines, creating SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY CODE and LINKS.
 • Advanced Website promotion

add $2000.00 a year

Submission over 10million search engines, your site in first positions in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Ask to see an example.
 • Web Mail access

add $50.00 a year

Check your email from anywhere using your browser.
 • Advanced Detailed WEB Statistics

add $50.00 a year

Track where people come from- complete list of referrals. Daily, monthly visitor statistics: Hits, Unique Visits.
Googlebots, MSNbots, Slurpbots tracking.
 • FTP Access

add $100.00 a year

Get Access to our file server.
 There are several steps in the process of developing a web site.
1. A Gold Coast Network, Inc. representative will meet or with a prospective customer for a consultative meeting (within 60miles from Chicago or City of Wheeling. Otherwise consultation can be scheduled on the phone.) During consultation, the purpose and scope of the site, the initial number of pages, the layout and the basic content of the pages and graphics will be determined in order to assess a design price. The consultation session is free of charge - in other words, a free estimate.
2. If an agreement is made, a contract is then drawn and a payment is made, the Gold Coast Network, Inc. will start preliminary design.
3. Once the preliminary designing is complete another meeting will be held so adjustments can be made prior to publication. Additional meetings will be held until the customer is satisfied with the layout, and content of the site. If major design changes are requested, additional design fees may apply. Gold Coast Network, Inc. reserves the right to determine if layout, graphic or content changes will require additional fees.
4. A final pre-publication meeting will be held during which the customer will approve the design and content of each and every page and graphic.
5. Gold Coast Network, Inc. can not refund payment for pages or graphics which have been created, whether or not the site has been published. This term and condition is non-negotiable.
6. Once the site is published, the customer will have 5 days to request minor content changes. After 5 days, any and all changes will be made at the Updating Web Site rates, regardless of whether errors or omissions were made by Gold Coast Network, Inc. or by the customer. This term and condition is non-negotiable.
7. One year of hosting will be provided, plus one domain name registered for one year.
8. Hosting cannot be used for file storage, only web pages and associated graphics can be stored.
9. Gold Coast Network, Inc. does not provide ftp access for customers; however it can be done for additional fees.
10. Up to 10 email accounts with total space of 20Mb can be provided (POP and SMTP will be provided. Outlook compatible)

Contact us if you have any questions- we will be happy to assist you.

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